Kathrin Röggla

NICHT HIER oder die kunst zurückzukehren
Auftragsarbeit für das Staatstheater Kassel
3 D, 2 H
UA: 15.09.2011 · Staatstheater Kassel · Directed by: Leopold von Verschuer
Five people who are returning to Germany encounter each other: Idealists whose contracts have ended, careerists forced to return home for private reasons, "returning partners" - all stranded. Each and every individual has somehow taken part in the ever-growing labor market of international engagement, in jobs ranging from the UN to the German development service. Even in their supposed homeland, however, they feel prone to a sense of homelessness which is as rampant in the German countryside as it is in the big wide world - as if it were a virus that infects all places, little by little. The returnees feel a sense of sudden indifference, one which seems to be very closely linked to any commitment in today’s world.
This play is based on numerous conversations with people returning to Germany. It is a bitter look at a world where arriving has become one of the most complicated experiences, and the contradictions of humanitarian engagement dissolve every encounter into a series of tragicomic moments. (Announcement Staatstheater Kassel)