Juliane Stadelmann

Noch ein Lied vom Tod
2 D, 5 H
UA: 09.01.2015 · Schauspielhaus Wien · Directed by: Daniela Kranz
Inspector Udo dreams of justice. That’s why he shows up in Günther’s Eck. And asks if it’s true that no one here saw anything? Of the misery of the boys? But in the prefabs, it’s every man for himself. It hits some and not others. Sheriff Udo can get as angry as he wants to about that, it doesn’t change anything. Especially since everyone feels that something’s off about Mr Udo himself. And since disaster is unstoppable anyway.

“Mysteries in every corner, dissolution of certainties of genres instead of solutions – one feels the borderless expanse, not of the landscape, but of writing plays.” Nachtkritik’s words on Noch ein Lied vom Tod, in which Juliane Stadelmann masterfullly intertwines western, criminal fiction, science fiction, social drama and comedy.