Stanislava Jevic, Dominique Enz

Out There
von Stanislava Jevic nach einer Idee von Dominique Enz
Junges Schauspielhaus Hamburg | Entstanden im Rahmen des Postgraduierten-Projekts in Kooperation mit der Theaterakademie der Hochschule für Theater Hamburg. Ermöglicht durch die Claussen-Simon-Stiftung.
2 Darsteller, Die Figur Leo definiert sich als genderfluid und benutzt die Pronomen dey / deren
UA: 20.05.2022 · Junges Schauspielhaus Hamburg · Directed by: Dominique Enz
Sometimes just one look is enough and your world starts to shift. You feel like you're floating. Leo is at a Fridays for Future rally, standing in the middle of the crowd. It's raining cats and dogs. And what's happening? Here at the demo, which is about nothing less than saving our fucking planet, Leo falls in love - with the speaker on the podium. Angelina is so different from all the other girls in their* circle of friends. A dedicated and ambitious activist and free spirit. Did she just look at Leo? Did that really happen?

For the next few days and nights, Leo scrolls through Angelina's timeline and feeds for hours. Slowly, the two grow closer via Messenger. They like the same movies and are fascinated by each other. But there's also a lot that separates them. Angelina lives with her family in a large housing estate. Leo and their patchwork family live in an affluent part of town. While Leo daydreams and tries to suppress their dark thoughts, Angelina organizes demos and is at the top of her class. Both of them are looking for a person - Out There. But to find the person, the two must take the next step.

Out There approaches the characters through numerous chat histories and facetime calls, switching effortlessly between Leo's and Angelina's narrative perspectives. What emerges is a multi-layered and empathetic love story about the lives of young people in our permanently networked and thoroughly digitalized present.

*The character Leo defines themselves as genderfluid and uses the pronouns they / them.


Stanislava Jevic & Dominique Enz

Liebe auf Distanz – OUT THERE von Stanislava Jević hat nach einer Idee von Dominique Enz

#FOMO Wie begegnen sich Jugendliche in einer Zeit, die von Isolation und der zunehmenden weltpolitischen Eskalation geprägt ist? Stanislava Jević hat nach einer Idee von Dominique Enz ein Theaterstück über Liebe in digitalen Zeiten für junge Menschen geschrieben. Oliver Franke über das neue Jugendstück OUT THERE (14+).   Unser Miteinander ist längst ... mehr


Out There

Hamburger Abendblatt

Stanislava Jevićs Stück „Out there“, das die Spielzeit im Jungen Schauspielhaus abschließt, ist eine Liebesgeschichte dicht an der Lebenswirklichkeit heutiger Jugendlicher.