Stefan Schütz

Eine Satyriade
2 D, 2 H, Chor
frei zur UA
Semlja is old, her mind is addled, and so she lives in a nursing home where her husband, Schußball, younger than her and sound of mind, visits her every day. But because her most ardent wish is to have him by her side all the time, he decides to move into the home. Schütz’s satire gains a lot of absurd comedy from this constellation, which is becoming increasingly common these days. The two old people are joined by two beings, perhaps heavenly, but definitely not human: Serapi and Blake. They put bets on the outcome and follow what happens with sneers, like for example when Semlja becomes Mother Earth through a “voodoo transformation” and propels herself off the axis with a mighty fart – an imbalance in the planetary nursing home!