Stefan Hornbach, Jules Verne

Reise ins Unendliche zum Mittelpunkt der Erde
frei nach dem Roman von Jules Verne
Auftragsarbeit für das Theater Baden Baden
Für Kinder ab 5 Jahren
2 D, 1 H
UA: 14.03.2018 · Theater Baden Baden, TIK · Directed by: Sebastian Martin
Alex (13) and Julie (10) live in a future in which many plants and animals died out long ago. Every day, the siblings go to visit their neighbour Martha, whom they call Grandma. Today, she doesn’t open the door for them. They search the whole house for her in vain. In the bedroom, Alex discovers a note with mysterious symbols on it. When they finally manage to unlock the symbols, it becomes clear that it is a map to the centre of the world. Has the former geologist Grandma Martha made her way there through a volcanic crater? In the cellar, Julie and Alex discover a dark corridor which draws them deeper and deeper into the unknown. They start out on an adventure that leads them to the centre of the earth and to Grandma. It is time to recognise that Grandma Martha set out on a completely different journey a long time ago.
Stefan Hornbach sends the two siblings on an exciting journey which, interwoven with Grandma Martha’s disappearance and the poetic descriptions of Jules Verne, is also about death. Optimistic, funny and very imaginative.


Stefan Hornbach

Uraufführung - Stefan Hornbach adaptiert Jules Vernes Klassiker DIE REISE ZUM MITTELPUNKT DER ERDE

Stefan Hornbach adaptiert Jules Vernes Klassiker der Weltliteratur für das Junge Theater / Theater Baden Baden. Ein spannendes Abenteuer tief hinab zum Mittelpunkt der Erde, und ein bewegendes Stück über das Abschiednehmen. Für alle Fantasten, Erforscher*innen und Abenteurer*innen ab 10 Jahren.   Alex und Juli, eigentlich Alexandra und Julius, staunen nicht schlecht, als Oma Martha ihnen nach der Schule nicht wie sonst die Tür öffnet. Zum Glück ... mehr