Sophie Reyer

Trip Trap Tropf
Ein klingendes, swingendes Roadmovie
Für Kinder ab 5 Jahren
4 Darsteller
UA: 31.03.2016 · Konzerthaus Wien · Directed by: Sveta Schwin
Tear is a little sad. Suddenly she is here, and she does not know who shed her. Not like Mr. Dew, who sits so pretty on his blade of grass. It’s not surprising, Mr. Dew is a good sort of dampness, since he comes from flowers. Tear, on the other hand, comes from sadness and therefore has a terribly bad conscience. That is why she wants to find the man who shed her. So Tear goes on a journey. In order to keep up her spirits, she sings and swings, raps and hip-hops her songs along the way. On her journey, Tear meets different people. But no one claims the sad tear as their own. And then there is also this annoying light which constantly tries to destroy tears through its warmth. With the help of the clown, she manages to get rid of the light, and finally, Tear finds a new companion: the little Mr. Teardrop.