Gesine Danckwart

Ein Auftragswerk für die Frankfurter Positionen 2013 - eine Initiative der BHF-BANK-Stiftung
Idealerweise für eine Besetzung von fünf Schauspielern/Schauspielerinnen. Mindestens. Gerne ein Alterspanorama bis über siebzig
UA: 25.01.2013 · Nationaltheater Mannheim · Directed by: Cilli Drexel
They are all at home in wonderland: the poor, the careerists, the young, the mothers, the unemployed – Danckwart’s city characters. Weightlessly, they emerge again and again from this literary mosaic of urban coexistence, counter existence and cooperation. The fine image of a cruel, but also promising big city reality.

Die Rheinpfalz attributed the reason for it all being so wonderfully weightless and comical, full of elated melancholia, to Gesine Danckwart not only being a mercilessly loving people-watcher, but also a refiner of language, written in a review of the first staging by Cilli Drexel, which was invited to the Autorentage at the Deutsche Theater Berlin.
Wonderland was created as a commissioned work for the Frankfurter Positionen 2013, which had the slogan “At the border – about the future of the modern age” and illuminated the “manifestations of specifically modern shifts in the borders of our western civilisation in a dynamic accelerated by climate change”.