Jakob Nolte

Die Glücklichen und die Traurigen
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The ecologically wrong management decisions of a car company threaten to ruin Lower Saxony. In order to ward off the state's bankruptcy, a small town on the Deister is sold to an anonymous investor. She loads it onto a freighter in about 19,000 containers including the population in order to rebuild it as a leisure park in a still unknown location. In comical, poetic, sad, philosophical scraps of conversation The happy and the sad tells of people who have become commodities and their odyssey.

An unusual form has emerged, a text surface of dialogue, an offer for many and for few, huge spectacle or smallest play. Drawing the grotesque with ease, then unexpectedly weighing it down with political weight. this is Jakob Nolte's supreme skill. And so the inhabitants of the small town chat in a lost and cheerful way. Boundless, abysmal, yet so wonderfully absurd that one can only wish this journey would never end.


Jakob Nolte

"Wie wäre es, wenn das Dorf, in dem ich groß geworden bin, verkauft werden würde – bloß halt mitsamt der Bevölkerung?“ Hörspiel-Ursendung von DIE GLÜCKLICHEN UND DIE TRAURIGEN von Jakob Nolte (Bayern 2, 2021)

Jakob Noltes neues Hörspiel DIE GLÜCKLICHEN UND DIE TRAURIGEN wird am 15.01.2021 um 21:05 Uhr auf Bayern 2 erstausgestrahlt. Nach UNBEKANNTE MEISTER 4... handelt es sich bereits um das zweite vom Bayerischen Rundfunk ... mehr