Henner Kallmeyer

Geisterjäger Schattenschneider kehrt zurück!
Für Kinder ab 7 Jahren
1 D, 1 H, Stimme der weißen Gräfin
frei zur UA
When from far away the church tower bell strikes twelve times. When the owl screams and we all wrap ourselves up more tightly into our blankets. When someone throws another piece of wood on the fire so that the sparks fly. Yes, then it’s time for the story: of ghosts, of ghosts and of Hondo P. Shadowcutter! Because he is a legend among the ghost hunters. He drove the bog spirits out of the Devil's Bog. He competed with the headless rider. He kept the infamous haunted house of Enfield in order. And all of this on his own! For Shadowcutter rides alone.
All the more annoying that suddenly the girl Emmy stands at his door. Emmy is desperate to become a Ghost Slayer. And who better to learn from than Hondo P. Shadowcutter himself? There is only one problem: Shadowcutter is retired and does not see at all why he should instruct a little girl in such a dangerous profession.
Will Emmy succeed in changing the grumpy ghost hunter's mind? Hondo needs support, because his arch enemy - the vile white countess - has returned!
A scary creepy fun for everyone from 7 years on.