Stefan Schütz

Richard Toll
Eine deutsche Komödie
2 D, 11 H, Verwandlungsdek
frei zur UA
… a German comedy? An all out fight! There is a punk, business people, there is a duchess and her faithful servants – two grown-up grandchildren: Luna and Richard Toll. The ghosts of Stalin and Hitler also emerge, Hades has a hand in the game. They are marked by unhindered weapons – greed for a painting, Lucas Cranach’s “Venus”, brings them together. It was taken from the museum at Schloss Weimar and never returned.
Who has it? Most people think it’s the duchess.
A piece about art lovers?
A piece about lovers?
More like a piece about money lovers.
So what about the sought-after, controversial art?
Is it a jewel of power?
In the end, after a battle that is reminiscent of Shakespeare’s “Titus Andronicus”, it can all be reduced to a dry formula:
art is a commodity and nothing more.
Or is it something else entirely?
Where does the macabre humour come from?
Why does closer inspection reveal the thriller to be a play about humanity?
Le fin du siècle?
Murder, blackmail, kidnapping, chaos. Is the whole thing hopeful?