Stefan Schütz

Spectacle Cressida
3 D, oder mehre Damen
UA: 27.09.1984 · Theater Deutzer Freiheit, Köln · Directed by: Uta Birnbaum
Shakespeare underestimated the archaic in his material. Chaucer didn’t care about it. The antiquity of Boccaccio is reincarnated in the bodies of nuns and matchmaking priests. Shakespeare suspects a misunderstanding, an anxiety, and writes his play like a mosaic to escape the demands of an, in this case, sinister, sublime gravitation towards fable and character. As material, he takes everything available to him to balance the lack that he feels.
I have failed in writing my own version the moment I am trying to depict war, heroes and love on the backs of those who are buried unnamed, and who are victims and perpetrators at the same time: the soldiers.
So I could only formulate the death of history like it had started. The Big Bang of patriarchy against the Big Rip. (Stefan Schütz)