Stefan Schütz

6 D, 17 H, (Doppelbesetzungen möglich), Verwandlungsdek
UA: 05.03.1995 · Deutsches Theater, Berlin · Directed by: Tatjana Reese
A country in a time of upheaval – the Soviet Union. In these tumultuous times, a mass murderer, Chikatilo, wreaks bloody havoc. He rips open the bodies of his victims, like a werewolf. Chikatilo had to watch as a child when the red partisans ate his brother so as not to starve.
The militia is incapable of capturing the murderer, who is well camouflaged as a military official. The enraged crowd is screaming for the culprit and at the same time demands a robber who is standing in the way of the political upheaval. To placate the crowd, an innocent man is forced to make a confession and sentenced to death.
A huge hunt is arranged. All representatives of the new order are mobilised. Chikatilo’s arrest is successful. He puts up no more resistance.
In this play, Stefan Schütz tells the history of the Soviet Union from foundation to its end through the story of a real-life mass murderer.
Chikatilo: “Psychic constitution is the reflection of the world, of objective reality.”