Thiemo Strutzenberger

Wiederauferstehung der Vögel
Nach Bernhard C. Schärs Tropenliebe
3 D, 9 H, (Doppelbes. möglich)
UA: 24.01.2020 · Theater Basel · Directed by: Katrin Hammerl
1877:Seized by the urge for discovery, the Swiss naturalists Paul and Fritz move into the still colonised Indonesian jungle. They and their expedition team penetrate ever deeper into this strange world, accompanied by light and shadow figures and the singing of three mocking canaries. Tropical fever breaks out and rain, heat and the devouring plant world finally form a solid cocoon around the invaders. Quickly it becomes clear: "No one's shape remains". And so the figures in this piece also go through a metamorphosis of Ovidian proportions, at the end of which is the realization that the art of thought and language proliferates, lives and entwines like the jungle around them. Thanks to this philosophy, they succeed in outgrowing the green and thereby transforming an entire world view.