Manfred Tauchen

It was Manfred Tauchen who - together with Wolfgang Ambros and Josie Prokopetz - invented the cult play Der Watzmann ruft. Already in the 80s, he was successul with the band DÖF (German-Austrian Friendship) when he stormed the charts with the sisters Humpe. Recently, Manfred Tauchen came down from the mountain with the others into the world of German heroic sagas to play not only Brünhilde in the play Siegfried.

Stage plays

Manfred Tauchen, Hagen Range
4 D, 6 H
The “Dear Augustin” is an insignia of the Viennese soul. Joie de vivre and a ... more
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Wolfgang Ambros, Manfred Tauchen
Der Watzmann ruft
5 D, 5 H
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Manfred Tauchen, Alexander Liegl, Gabi Rothmüller
Siegfried - Götterschweiß und Heldenblut
6 D, 8 H
“The catchy pop music from chart toppers really gets the warriors wiggling. With ... more
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