Emre Akal

Hotel Pink Lulu - Die Ersatzwelt
6 Darsteller, Eine Horde Rowdies, Chor der Erntehelfer*innen | Besetzung kann frei angepasst werden
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"Welcome to the Hotel Pink Lulu, the world of infinite desires and fulfillments. Please choose a name, a look, a source of income, a relationship, a landscape, a country, a memory, selected food, selected drinks, savannah landscape, cherry blossom, cocktail on the Nile, choose a life story, an origin, one that you have always wished for."

The Hotel Pink Lulu is a state-subsidized, digital ark project. A virtual world that promises total freedom and escape from the world. Numerous avatars meet in the corridors and lounges of the hotel. They are the left behind, the escapists, the curious and the failed - the pioneers of a digital post-gender world. A world in which the flawed body is discarded. Under the strict supervision of Lulu 6.0 - the omniscient gatekeeper of this virtual land of milk and honey - new identities are assumed, long-cherished life dreams are fulfilled, fantasies of violence are lived out.

But what happens when all these wishes are fulfilled? What if the escape into the digital world does not remain a temporary state, but manifests itself into a new reality? What if the illusory reality feels more real and correct than the analog life? Then the virtual dream can quickly become a nightmare. As it becomes increasingly difficult for the avatars to leave the hotel, resistance gradually forms. Because even in the Hotel Pink Lulu - the place of unlimited possibilities - some guests are more equal than others.

In his world-spanning play, Emre Akal deals with the digital penetration of our lives. A penetration that runs through all levels of society. HOTEL PINK LULU is not a pessimistic manifesto on technology, but a reminder of the excessive demands of digital migration and the present in which we are.


Emre Akal

Emre Akal erhält den Förderpreis Theater der Landeshauptstadt München 2020

Die Jury unter dem Vorsitz von Kulturreferent Anton Biebl hat den Regisseur und Autor Emre Akal mit dem Förderpreis Theater der Landeshauptstadt München ausgezeichnet. Hier finden Sie die vollständige Jury-Begründung:   "Emre Akal bereichert als Autor und Regisseur schon seit einigen Jahren die Münchner Theaterlandschaft. Seine Arbeit wurde mehrfach ausgezeichnet, u. a. mit der Debütförderung der Stadt München, dem Theaterpreis der Stadt ... mehr