Maria Milisavljevic

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"Shutting down, rebooting." What if our bodies could reload, reinvent, reshape. If our synapses could find new ways to connect. With other people, with machines, with everything around us. We live in a space-time continuum between the apparent opposites of digital and analog. Between the exploration of new technologies and the return to nature. We have not yet tapped the potential of a world-spanning network in which synapses connect to mycelial webs and fiber optic cables to roots. Blood flows through our bodies like data through copper wire, water makes its way through riverbeds, like information from transmitter to terminal. Let us become one with the sound, the rhythm, the flow of the world.

In a lyrical round dance of sound and images, Maria Milisavljevic shows the infinite possibilities of a holistic world, letting her words flow through the fast-paced text as if on circuit boards, always taking unexpected turns. In this world, different rules prevail, which is why the cyborg theme naturally questions nothing less than the previous world order: "We make the system. Not the system us."